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Admission inquiry

From-Date and To-Date, Area Wise, Class Wise, Advertisement Medium Wise

Fee Calculation

Fee Challan Generation Fee Calculation (Fee + Arrears + Fine)

Bio-metric integration

Secure Bio-metric Attendance System, Student Attendance & Staff Attendance

Exams Management

System generated Result Summary Sheet, System generated Result Card


Fee Challan Report, Fee Summary Report, Class Wise Fee Summary Report

Student Profile

information of Student From-Date and To-Date, Area Wise, Class Wise

Student Attendance

SMS for Absent Students of whole Campus, Class or Section wise

SMS Alerts

SMS Alerts for Attendance, Fee Vouchers, Exams Reports/Results

Barcode scanner

Barcode Attendance code print on every Student & Staff card for Attendance

Turn your school into smart school

  • School Management System is developed in Microsoft Dot Net Technology
  • Database is developed in Microsoft SQL Server 2012
  • Software is a Browser-based application (ASP.Net Web Forms)
  • Software Can be used on any kind of Mobiles, Laptops and Tablets as well
  • User roles and access rights policies enabled
  • Reports are developed using Microsoft RDLC reporting
  • Reports can be export in different formats PDF, Excel & Word
  • Student Inquiry Management System (Auto Welcome SMS)
  • Student Admission Management
  • Students Attendance System (Auto SMS Alert to parents)
  • Fee Challan Generation/Calculation (Fee + Arrears + Fine)
  • Student Exams Result Management (with Result SMS)
  • Student Class Promotion System
  • User Role Management & Branch Management
Save & retrieve unlimited General Reports
  • Student Admission Inquiry Report (Daily/Weekly/Monthly)
  • Student Admission Report ( Daily/Weekly/Monthly )
  • Student Profile Report
  • Class wise Student List & Daily Attendance Report
  • Fee Voucher Report (Section/Class/Campus)
  • Fee Receipt Report (Daily/Weekly/Monthly)
  • Unpaid Student Report (Section/Class/Campus)
  • Defaulter Report (Section/Class/Campus)
provides you easy way to simplify the Exam Reports
  • Marks Sheet Entry Report
  • Result Sheet Report & Result Summary Report
  • Result Card (auto Grading Percentage and remarks)
  • Result Receipt report and Parent’s remarks Report (for Parent Teacher Meeting)
  • Test Marks Sheet Entry Report & Test Result Sheet Report
  • Tests Result Summary Report
  • Test Result History Report (for individual student)

Software Implemented at 100+ Schools

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A Complete All In One School Management System

Everything your institution will ever need, Securely and efficiently manage your school, staff, student & parent information.

Simple, Powerful & Affordable School Management System